Simple Exercises for Lean Legs
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Simple Exercises for Lean Legs

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Legs are the one part of the body that most of us are not happy with? No matter what your trouble areas are big hips or heavy thighs, stop worrying and gear up to slim down and tone your legs.

With just 10 minutes a day, you can really tone up your legs and make them slender and sexy. Here are some simple exercises that you can perform easily at home, to achieve toned and lean legs.

Chair Plié Squat

Stand behind a chair and rest your fingers on the back of the chair. Keep your feet wider than your hip –width apart with toes turned out. Inhale and lower your bottom towards the floor, opening your knees over your toes.

Squeeze your bottom as you exhale and push back up. Repeat 15 times. While doing this exercise always remember to keep your back straight as if sliding up and down a wall. Chair plié squat is very good for toning and strengthening the inner thighs and bottom. It is indeed simple but effective exercise to get lean legs.

Hip Raiser

Lie on your back with your calves resting on a chair. Keep your hands by your sides with the palms facing down. Exhale and squeeze your bottom and lift your hips. Inhale as you lower halfway down then exhale and continue smoothly into the next lift .


At least do two to three sets of 12 reps, while doing this exercise keep your tailbone tucked under. This hip raiser exercise is very effective. It defines and tones the back of your thighs extensively.

Squat with side leg lift

Stand with your feet  slightly more than shoulder -width apart, with your hands on your hips and elbows pointing to the sides. Bend your knees to 90 degrees and lower your hips , until thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Slowly push up to standing position while lifting your leg to side as high as possible without arching your back and without losing your balance.


Keep the lifted leg straight, with knee and foot facing forward, not up. Then return to starting position by bringing the lifted leg back to the floor.

Do 15 repetitions lifting the same leg and rest. Then do 15 repetitions lifting the other leg. While doing the squat with side leg lift remember to squeeze the buttocks and muscles at the side of the hips as you straighten up and lift the leg to the side.

 From now on take out some time from your busy routine and simply practice these simple exercises religiously. You will definitely feel the difference with 10 to 15 days. So what are you waiting for? Go and start with your lean leg exercise program right now!

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