Exercise and Fitness: A Lifetime Concern
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Exercise and Fitness: A Lifetime Concern

Fitness has a long way since the days of calisthenics. One might be surprised at how much fun and enjoyable exercises can be and how easy it is to fit the regular workouts in your routine schedule. Discovering the oriental tai chi program is also a surprising phenomenon to the western world and its vast health benefits that it provides.


Physical fitness consists of two concerned concepts: general fitness – a state of health and wellness, and specific fitness – a task-tailored definition based on the ability to perform specific aspects of sports or jobs. Fitness is generally achieved through proper nutrition, regular exercises and enough rest. 

Whether they are weekend bicyclers or park walkers or routine joggers or avid gardeners, people are learning to bring exercise into their daily activities. They are playing on a badminton club or training for triathlons, recognizing that fitness has to be a regular part of a healthy lifestyle, as standard as sleeping and working. And people start to realize that fitness needs to be a lifetime commitment, from childhood games to senior activities.

The key is to choose exercises you like that is compatible to your lifestyle. An after-work badminton office group or club of joggers around the park is easy to organize. Join a high energy aerobics class or a tai chi group in the park. Anything, that makes you moving and it’s fun and enjoyable. Get out there and exercise – there is nothing to lose but a few extra pounds.

Starting Point

If your age is over 40, consult your doctor before starting an exercise program, if you have any medical problems. Consider two or more risk factors apply to you: overweight, high cholesterol, family history of heart disease, smoking or hypertension.

Muscles need to adjust, so begin whatever activity you choose at a low level.

Your program

Build your program focusing on two types of activity:

  • Aerobic exercise – like walking, jogging or swimming which improves cardiovascular system. Perform aerobics 3-5 times a week for around 20 to 30 minutes each day, depending on the intensity of the work out. Soft exercises like tai chi, chi kung or yoga is also recommended.
  • Weight training – which builds strength and endurance to specific muscles. This training can be doe the same schedule routine of the aerobic exercises.

Decide your fitness goals and be determined to reach it and maintain it. If you are working out to lose weight and gain endurance, aerobic exercises are ideal choices. Those who want to gain weight must focus on weight training. A team or club sports is a must to consider.

Set out to weekly goals which are more flexible and light to gain than the daily goals. Try listening to music to get away from boredom on safe places like the beach. A variety of exercise program will help achieve a complete workout, prevent constant strain injuries and fight boredom. A company of your spouse is better helpful both on physical and healthy relationships.

What Exercise can do

Scientific evidence shows that exercise can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and heart attack. It helps in burning the plaques resulting from fats and high cholesterol food consumption.

Gentle or soft exercise like tai chi can help prevent arthritis and diabetes.

Diabetics must know that exercise helps make the body more sensitive to insulin. Exercises reduce fat, which interferes with the work of insulin. Type 2 diabetics may then be able to lessen their insulin demands.

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Comments (10)

This is certainly not my strong suit. But fitting it into my regular day is the only way I feel I would be successful. Very doable suggestions. thanks

Well detailed article with valuable information.thank you.

Very useful points to remain fit and healthy.Thanks.

Excellent advice, Ron. I have to do my five miles everyday, no matter what the weather is like, or I'm not happy.

Even going for walks in the park is better than sitting around doing nothing.

Great article and very important information to stay healthy and fit.

nicely said bro,im doing my daily exercise right now

regular exercisei is so important

Thanks everyone, exercise is fun and healthy.

Informative and detailed article.