Embark Triple Stepper Band Exercise Equipment Review
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Embark Triple Stepper Band Exercise Equipment Review

This is a review about the Embark Triple Stepper Band. It is a resistance band set consisting of three detachable bands. You can do strength training, cardio, and toning with the same piece of equipment. Currently priced at $19.99, it is a small investment and a product worth looking into if especially if you are constantly on the go.

In spring 2010, I bought the Embark Triple Stepper Band set at Target for $19.99.  The design was appealing because you can do strength training routines and fast toning programs with the same piece of equipment.  There are three detachable rubber bands in the set with different degrees of resistance. Two professional football players I trained with several times a week, recommended the Embark Triple Stepper Band.  Former Indianapolis Colts cornerback Jordan Hemby, and current Las Vegas Locomotives fullback, Bobby Rome used Embark Triple Stepper Bands in their room as one piece of the training for the NFL free agency. 

The three detachable rubber bands in the set come with plastic handles for your hands.  The bands have hooks at the each end you attach to the handles.  You can work out with all three bands for a tough strength building workout.  Or you can work out with one band at a time to tone your body.  You can perform a total upper body workout with the Embark Triple Stepper Resistance Band set.  You can work your biceps, shoulders, upper back, triceps, and chest in a circuit.  I like to finish off my resistance band workouts with burnouts.  For example, you can do a set of biceps with the three bands until you cannot do another repetition, then quickly remove one band, and continue with the set of biceps.  After you are too tired to workout with two bands, you can remove another band, and then finish off with one band.  

The Embark Triple Stepper Band set is convenient for working out on the road without having to carry around heavy weights.  The Embark Triple Stepper Band only weights .52 lb.  You can use the bands in your hotel room, outdoors, or on almost any surface.  Many people, including myself have used them for P90x workouts. 

There are negative reviews on Target's website from customers who had unfavorable experiences while using Embark Triple Stepper Band set.  Two of the customers had bands snap while they were exercising.  Even the customer with the positive review had the color peel off of their bands.  I have not experienced any of the issues.  It is difficult to complete a repetition if your feet are spread far apart while stepping on the all three bands at once.  The bands might snap if you completed that repetition. 

For the price, I feel the bands are worth the money.  However, if you use the bands on a daily basis, you may want to invest in a higher quality product.  If you only use the Embark Triple Stepper Band set occasionally, then you should not have to worry about your bands wearing out.   

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Excellent and thorough review of exercise Embark Triple Step bands.